Roofing that Qualifies for Tax Credit

The key word here — some.

Most roofing products will not qualify for the 2011 federal tax credit, but there are a select few that do.  Roofing that reflects heat back toward its source does qualify.   One of the few that does qualify is the 40-year shingle by GAF-ELK.

Unlike 2010, the 2011 tax credit is now for a maximum of $200 and cannot be used if a homeowner has already taken advantage of home improvement tax credits dating back to 2006. Without delving too deeply into the politics of the whole thing, the new Congress laid down the gauntlet and forced the President to reduce the benefits for middle-class families in order to pay for their tax cuts for the super-rich.

You’ve probably heard that the only roofing that qualifies is white roofing — well that’s almost true.   GAF-ELK carries a line of three shingles that are each a different shade of grey.   These shingles will reflect UV rays and heat back toward their source, thereby reducing your cooling bills in the summer.

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