Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can be a great choice for siding your home or garage. The right vinyl siding offers strength, durability, and beauty at an affordable price.

You are in control of both cost and efficiency with Energy Masters. We offer luxury vinyl, premium, and value series vinyl siding to meet any homeowners needs.  When your time is valuable and you don't want to paint every 5-7 years, we can give you a great solution that will last a lifetime.

Colors and options

Choose from 21 different colors and a choice of either traditional clapboard style or dutchlap style.

Siding profiles

Why buy Energy Masters siding?

  • Efficiency

    While both hollow-backed and foam-backed siding will give your home a durable cosmetic improvement, our foam-backed vinyl siding gives you efficiency and impact modification. You can choose siding with foam-backed insulation that goes all the way up to R-5.3 — the highest R-value (resistance to temperature change) insulated siding on the market.

  • Strength

    Our siding uses stack-lock technology allowing us to offer a warranty that protects you from winds up to 130 MPH. Our foam backing and vinyl formulation gives our siding the best impact resistance on the market.

  • Thickness

    Our insulated siding is the thickest in the industry today.  Our insulated stackable siding boasts an impressive .046 thickness while our graphite impregnated foam backed siding is an impressive .047 mils thick.

  • Natural oak or cedar texture

    We offer two textured profiles on our siding. Our popular cedar texture offers a high-end look while our natural oak offers a traditional oak texture.

  • Longer panels mean fewer seams

    Ask about our siding panel length.  We have 16 foot long panels (which is 30% longer than other siding panels) or 12 foot options. This means you will have fewer seams than with other products on the market.

  • Fade resistance

    Our siding is warranted against fading all the way down to 4 Hunter Delta E units. Most siding is only warranted to a Hunter Delta E rating of 5 or 6. In short, you won't see the fade with the human eye.

  • Impact Resistance

    Our siding has impact modifiers added to the formulation which allows it to resist denting and cracking. The #1 complaint people have against vinyl siding is that it cracks, shatters and dents. This is because their experience is with inferior siding and they assume all vinyl siding is the same. Have us out for a free estimate and you can hit our siding with a baseball bat if you wish.


VSI Certified Badge

VSI, the Vinyl Siding Institute, has certified our installers. This is important because improperly installed siding, put on by untrained crews, will cause problems including sagging, gapping and buckling . Our installer has demonsrated knowledge and skill by meeting the reqirements of the Vinyl Siding Institute. He has taken and passed the VSI hands-on course and examination. Both Jim, the owner of Energy Masters, and his crew chief (and brother) Jack, are knowledgeable about the product and industry best practices for installing vinyl siding. Be smart & choose to only work with companies who have a VSI certified installer.

A VSI Certified Installer has the skills needed to make sure the details are done right so that your new siding will be attractive and last a lifetime.

Which siding do you offer?

We are authorized to sell and install all of the major vinyl siding products on the market today.  In keeping with our motto, "Do it Once, Do it Right" we will only install products that we can stand behind.


House wrap

We prefer Raindrop by Green Guard as it is proven to wick away moisture. We also install Tyvek.  Our professional will show you the differences between these top two house wraps on the market today.

We use manufacturer recommended siding accessories to give your home a finished look.


We use special accessories for our vents and our hose spigots.  While other companies often just use caulk, our siding has a finished look that you'll enjoy the look of for years to come.

Here is an example of a dryer vent.  We color match them to your siding.

Laverne W. – Milwaukee, WI

The work on my garage was completed within five days and looks great. The workmen were efficient and helpful and did a good job.

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John and Rebecca – Bay View, WI

Very professional. Extremely clean about how they worked, which I greatly appreciated. We would definitely hire them again for all our future roofing/siding needs.

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