Windows & Patio Doors

We have many styles and options to choose from. All of our triple and double pane windows have double strength float glass and come with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular window manufactured today and for good reason – they offer great ventilation and great light. “Double hung” refers to the ability for the top sash of the window to move up and down. A double hung window can be opened from the top (by pulling down) or from the bottom. They are available with or without grids and you may choose from white, beige or an array of woodgrains.

  • Interior: White, Beige or one of 5 rich woodgrains
  • Exterior: White, Beige, Condo Brown, Condo Bronze, Green or Red Exterior.  Custom colors available upon request.
  • Grids between the glass (flat or contoured)
  • Obscure (privacy) glass popular for bathrooms
  • Many other options to choose from

Sliding Windows

Sliders can be a great option. They are both beautiful and affordable and are often chosen by our customers because they offer clean, vertical lines, drawing the eye up and making a small house look larger. Ventilation with sliders can be optimal, giving you a full 50% of the window space dedicated to fresh air.

All of our sliding windows rest on premium brass rollers which makes them easily glide open whenever you need them to.

Sliders are available in both 2-lite (two sash) or 3-lite (pictured above) varieties. 3-slite sliders are also available with all three sashes being the same width.

  • Interior: White, Beige or one of 5 rich woodgrains
  • Exterior: White, Beige, Condo Brown, Condo Bronze, Green or Red Exterior
  • Grids between the glass
  • Obscure (privacy) glass popular for bathrooms
  • Many other options to choose from

Casement Windows

A quality casement window will give you more ventilation than any other style window on the market today. Casement windows allow homeowners the benefit of having an unobstructed view in situations where the meeting rail in different style windows would be right in the middle of the line of sight.

Homeowners seeking a window that will provide clean vertical lines, creating the illusion of having a larger house will want to seriously consider the benefits of a casement window.

Ease of Use

The Energy Masters casement window is easy to open and easy to close. It features premium crank handles which fold down after each use.


Bay Windows

There's no question about it: when people think about the window of their dreams, the bay window is on the short list. Known for their beauty and ability to make even a small room look big, the bay window is a favorite.

A bay window has a fixed center piece and two "flankers". The flankers can be either casements (pictured above) or double hungs. Fancy glass is also available.

A bow window comes with either 4 or 5 sashes and is a much gentler "swoop" toward the outside of the home.

Much more than a window

At Energy Masters we encourage you to look at bay and bow window as much more than a typical window because if it's manufactured right, it is. Our customers think of their Energy Masters bay windows as a piece of furniture – a large and durable piece of furniture.

Bay windows aren't all created equal and we encourage you to ask questions about the structure of your bay window. Everyone has purchased a piece of low grade furniture in the past. The furniture stores call it their "value" series and they always break down. That's why our focus is on not only beauty, but durability.

Efficiency is key in a Bay Window

We start with a 1 and 1/4 inch plywood base, add an inch of foam to insulate the seat board, then add an additional 3/4 inch plywood. The structure of our bay windows has steel rods integrated right into them, making it so they will never break apart as many other bay windows do.  We cover our bay windows with a "hip" or "awning" style roof.  This means the roof will have three facets.  Compare a bay window we make to a bay window with a shed style roof and the differences will be obvious to anyone who sees it.


Interior: White, Beige or one of 5 rich woodgrains

Exterior: White, Beige, Condo Brown, Condo Bronze, Green or Red Exterior. Custom colors also available. Green and Gold encouraged. Go Pack! We’re not in Bears country after all.

Grids between the glass

V-groove cut glass and other designer glass packs are available

Many other options to choose from

Patio Doors

Our patio doors are both durable and attractive. Available in white, beige or woodgrain, we recommend sliding patio doors for our Wisconsin climate because only sliding patio doors have an integrated and interlocking meeting rail that will keep the cold out.

An eye on efficiency

We always recommend that our customers consider triple pane for patio doors. Keep in mind that your patio door will probably be the largest window in your house. You'll walk past it every day and the last thing you want to feel is drafts. Our heavy duty seals and interlocking meeting rail make it so you will be able to not only enjoy the beauty of our patio doors but you will enjoy the efficiency as well.

Handles color-matched or brass

Our latching handles are available in two different styles. Our standard handle is attractive and will complement the interior color of your patio door. Our brass handle is an attractive upgrade that gives your patio door that extra classy edge.

Many glass packs available

We offer double and triple pane as well as decorative glass. We put you, the homeowner, in control of what kind of door you want and how much you want to spend. Choose from modest to elegant. All of our patio door glass packs feature tempered glass.


Other Window Types

Basement Hopper

Dryer vent options also available.

Specialty Windows

Specialty shapes such as trapezoid and octagonal are available.

Glass Block

Glass block windows can be a great choice for basement windows. They offer strength and security at an affordable price.

We use mortar on all of our glass block windows as well as a non-rusting poly-banding process to give our glass block windows strength. Our glass block windows are available either vented (pictured to the left) or non-vented.

Interior color options


Exterior color options

  • White
  • Beige
  • Forest Green
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Bronze (condo)

Other options available

  • Grids between the glass in traditional colonial, prairie (sometimes called Queen Anne), double prairie or diamond pattered
  • Obscure (privacy) glass popular for bathrooms
  • There are many other options to choose from

Efficiency Ratings

NFRC efficiency rating logo

At Energy Masters we always leave our NFRC efficiency rating stickers on our windows so you can verify that what you bought is what was installed. The NFRC, National Fenestrations Rating Council, rates windows for efficiency. The lower the u-factor, the more efficient the window. We will not play games with our ratings by publicizing "center of glass" ratings.

Our most efficient double hung triple pane window with krypton gas has an impressive u-factor of .19.

Scott & Diane – Germantown, WI

Very friendly, helpful workers did the installation. Very high quality product. Easy to communicate and resolve only small issues. Pleasant to work with.

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Terry & Amy – Milwaukee, WI

Energy Masters replaced our roof, all windows and our front entry door. We are very pleased with their professionalism and products. We are definitely going to contact them for any other projects we have come up.

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Jennifer & Brandon – Menomonee Falls, WI

We’re thrilled with our new windows and doors. They have increased the value of our home and greatly improved the curb appeal as well. We are happy that the rooms are not drafty anymore and are excited to see the savings reflected on our energy bills.

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Don – Milwaukee, WI

Great Service! I couldn’t be happier with the window and the guys craftsmanship. I will definitely be using them again.

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Rebecca – Racine, WI

My new windows are gorgeous! I had just purchased my house when I noticed that I was in need of 5 new windows, including the replacement of the large window in the living room. Jim worked with me to select replacement windows that would work with my house, including a three panel slider where the…

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