Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection for our Wisconsin Climate

We focus on what we believe will solve problems.  Our gutter protection systems are effective in our climate and affordable.  We will assess

  • your homes needs,
  • the trees around your home as well as
  • the types of debris that goes into your gutters

We will ask you questions and make our recommendations of which of our 8 gutter protection products will work, based on what your homes needs are.

We only install products that work well for our climate and for your house.

Metal conducts cold and results in huge problems with icicles so we don't typically recommend metal but we also can't, in good conscience, recommend some of the plastic screen-based products that just don't last.

"One-size" does not fit "all"

We customize our plans based on what is needed for your home.  Less informed people just assume that gutter protection doesn't work because some salesman didn't take into account your homes needs.  That's why we will recommend 1 of 8 different types of gutter protection based on the following:

  • Tree Species
  • Location of the trees, taking into account prevailing wind location
  • Steepness (slope) of the roof
  • Water volume in any given area of your roof
Poly resin gutter protection by Energy Masters

This low profile, poly-resin based product works great in cold climates where the majority of the debris is broad leafs such as maples.

Gutter Protection for Pine Needles by Energy Masters

Not all gutter protection works for all applications or in all climates. This one works great in areas with pine needles.

Gutter Protection for Leaves or Pine Needles

Gutter Protection for different tree debris such as broad leafs vs pine needles should be different. Most gutter protection doesn't protect you against pine needles and sometimes the only type that works for pine needles is one of the 4 products we use that are screen-style.  We will assess your exact situation and recommend a solution that is appropriate.

Gutter Protection for Pitched Gutters

Most of our gutter protection products can slide right under the first course of shingles, assuring that they will not void your roof warranty.

We don't sell the solid "helmet-style" protection

The top of most solid metal gutter protection slides under your first or second course of shingles.  If you have gutters that are pitched toward a downspout, that top flange on many gutter protection products is not long enough to accommodate a pitched gutter.  This results in nails or screws being driven directly into your shingles, which can compromise your roof and eventually result in a leak.  Alternately, some of these solid topper products don't have the ability to appropriately flash the water from your roof and into the gutter.  Improper gutter flashing, sometimes called apron, often results in water getting behind the gutter and rotting out your fascia.

We can do gutters only or gutter protection only. 

We don't come out trying to sell you the world if all you want is a workable solution that won't have you mortgaging your home.  Good gutter protection, as you've probably already discovered, tends to cost as much as gutters themselves.  Be wary of systems that claim they can sell you the gutter and gutter protection in one, roll-off system.  They might work great in warm climates, but here your home will be surrounded by icicles in cold weather months.

Our "No Exclusivity" Pledge to you

Many gutter protection manufacturers offer big promises but are short on results.  Because of our ratings and reviews, we get a dozens of calls from gutter protection manufacturers offering to make us the exclusive dealer for their brand of gutter protection.  The problem is that there is not one solution for all cases.  We urge caution.  If a company says their single gutter protection works in all instances, you should be understandably cautious.

Our loyalty is to our customers, not to a corporate stockholder who benefits from selling one specific product.

Energy Masters gutter protection

Troy and Renee – Milwaukee, WI

Jim’s friendly personality was an added bonus to the excellent quality of workmanship that was provided by the Energy Masters crew. Everything about the entire process was extremely professional and timely. The gutters were installed within days of our initial meeting, which impressed us tremendously! We will definitely not only use Energy Masters in the…

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Rich and Karen – Milwaukee, WI

We were very happy we called Energy Masters. Our experience with Jim was just great! Installation was quick and very professional. Everything was cleaned up thoroughly.

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Michael and Lindsay – Franklin, WI

Jim and his crew did an outstanding job on our new gutters. Their attention to detail was second to none, and we are extremely pleased with the work.

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Emily and Michael – New Berlin, WI

We’re very happy with our gutters. We’re very happy with our roof and — we’re very happy with Jim’s whirligig dance. Ask him about it.

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Gordon and Susan

We are delighted with the outstanding workmanship and the wonderful look of our new gutters. We are especially pleased with the deflectors on both long valleys of our roof. What a difference!

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Richard & Connie – Greendale, WI

We are very impressed with how quickly the job was done from the time we ordered our gutters, fascia and soffits. The custom color is perfect. It all looks fantastic. We didn’t think we had enough vents in our soffits before. The installer made sure we had additional venting every 10 feet. The future crew…

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Yes, gutter protection works if you plan it well.  Here’s a short list of what to consider before buying gutter protection. Tree types Tree species Roof Slope Climate Zone Sometimes a salesman will come into your house and show you one product that is supposed to work in all cases.  The reality is that there…

Gutter Protection Reviews

I’ll start by saying that there is no such thing as a legitimate review of gutter protection done by climate.  I’ve seen many review sites, the best known is Consumer Reports.  Unfortunately in their assessment, they did not control for climate. Here is Wisconsin the main thing that people overlook is quite possibly the most…

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