Soffit and Fascia

Hidden Vent System

Our maintenance-free hidden vent system will improve the ventilation of your home and eliminate the need for costly painting.

Sofit diagram

Hidden vent soffit gives you more venting than traditional vented soffit with the added benefit of a clean, continuous look.

You no longer have to choose between no ventilation vs panels that collect dirt. Our hidden vent system allows you to have an attractive soffit without the eyesore of some of the other products out there.

Hidden vent sofit installed by Energy Masters

Why hidden vent?

We realize many companies tell you that you will be happy with the type of soffit that looks like a cheese grater. But look at what some of your neighbors have on their homes first. If it looks dirty or sooty, ask yourself if that's what you want on your house. Be smart about your next home improvement project and get a durable product that will last you a long time and continue to look attractive for years to come.

Continuous hidden vented soffit

Choose between either Aluminum or PVC Vinyl

Heavy gauge aluminum or interlocking vinyl for soffit

Cut ins for improved ventilation

A clean, uninterrupted look

Long, unbroken lengths for porch ceilings

Custom stress bends for any fascia taller than 3 1/2 inches

Choice of mitered or box corners

Many colors to choose from

Should you choose aluminum or vinyl soffit?

We have both. Both aluminum and vinyl are good products to used for soffit material but they have differences. Both can be installed well and can be a beautiful addition to your home. Both can greatly improve the ventilation in your home if installed right.

Aluminum is less forgiving.
It tends to look great on homes that have not experienced significant settling. If you can look down the length of your home and it is perfectly straight, aluminum might be a good choice for you.

Vinyl can accommodate homes which are older and can hide imperfections
You have to be careful with this since not all vinyls are created equal. Our vinyl panels come in either vented (for soffit) or non-vented (for porch ceilings) options. Strength is added by using a thicker, more durable material as well as some structural bends that resist problems associated with most of the vinyl products out there. Homes over 20 years old will nearly always look better with a high quality hidden vented soffit since vinyl can be installed to follow natural contours that happen when a house has settled.

Dave & Maria

We installed soffit & fascia on our 1890 built home. We were very happy working with Jim and his team. Jim is a great communicator. The team was very accommodating and courteous. The cost was very competitive! The workmanship was excellent. They do as they say. We are very pleased and would highly recommend energy…

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Richard & Connie – Greendale, WI

We are very impressed with how quickly the job was done from the time we ordered our gutters, fascia and soffits. The custom color is perfect. It all looks fantastic. We didn’t think we had enough vents in our soffits before. The installer made sure we had additional venting every 10 feet. The future crew…

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Learn More about Soffit & Facia

Why is my soffit hanging down or drooping?

Your homes soffit is an important part of a house’s roof system. It’s located on the underside of the roof overhang, and it provides ventilation for the attic space. However, over time, the soffit can start to sag, which can be a major issue. A sagging soffit can look unsightly and compromise the roof’s integrity.…

Should I be concerned about dirt around soffit vents?

No.  You should count yourself among the lucky ones. Here’s why: Your house needs to breathe, and more accurately, in the cases of soffit, your roof needs to breathe.  A roof is supposed to breathe in from the soffit, and breathe out from the exhaust vents. The same air we breathe has dust in it.…

Understanding Ice Damming

In late winter I get many calls from people asking me if I could put new gutters on their houses to solve their ice damming problems.  I have to be honest with them and explain that ice damming is a product of ventilation and insulation gutters won’t fix their ice damming problems.  It may not be good for business,…

Hidden Vent or Traditional Soffit and Fascia?

Soffit cladding has been popular for over 50 years.  Originally the idea was just to eliminate having to paint, but that way of thinking has evolved to include a way to provide proper intake ventilation. To decide what you need, you first need to understand the basics of ventilation.   First, think of a chimney…