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We offer 30 year, 50 year or lifetime warranties.

Roofer serving the Milwaukee, WI area

Our worry-free roofing is installed quickly and professionally to factory specifications. You'll be surprised at how affordable a great quality roof can be.

Beautiful. Durable. Affordable. Those are the 3 ways customers describe our roofs.

We'll give you options that fit your home and your budget. Your most important choices are made before our installers even arrive.

Many roofs can be done in just one day.

Solutions:  No Shortcuts, No Regrets

Metal valley flashings, soil pipe flashings made for the type of soil pipes you have, Wisconsin-style chimney flashings and 6 feet of ice and water along eaves are just a few things that set us apart. We'll explain what the right products are to use because if you're investing in a 30 year or 50 year roof, you want your flashings to last just as long.

Ventilation Done Right

As a ventilation certified contractor, we walk around your house with you and give you the information every customer deserves that will maximize the life of your new roof.

Our solutions-based approach extends the life of your roof while minimizing utility bill costs.

Customized Approach

We analyze each roof develop a plan to prevent problems from occurring.  We calculate the proper amount of exhaust ventilation and offer you options.  We'll identify where or if you have intake ventilation as both are critical to a long-lasting roof. Different types of roofs benefit from different types of ventilation.

Embrace the Science

Too much exhaust ventilation and you will trap warm, moist air in your attic. Too little and you won't establish a good draw from the natural process of convection. We break it down to a science.  Get it just right and your house will be more comfortable, you can reduce your reliance on your cooling system in the summer and extend the life of your roof.  Less energy usage means more savings for you.

One of the most unusual and challenging jobs we've ever done. With over 30 facets coupled with vaulting curves, this house now has the nicest roof on the block.

One of the most unusual and challenging jobs we've ever done. With over 30 facets coupled with vaulting curves, this house now has the nicest roof on the block!


Some roofs cannot be ventilated optimally so we've developed work-arounds. Houses with cathedral ceilings and houses where part of the attic space that has been remodeled for additional living space, such as a cape cod house, are notorious for these problems.   Special underlayments can still make them work well.  There are other areas where the only type of intake ventilation they could possibly get has to come from a lower portion of the roof.  We assess your home and employ various solutions to optimize ventilation as much as is practical.

We tailor solutions to fit your needs.

Protection from Ice Damming

Over the last 20 years we have had extensive freeze and thaw cycles even in the middle of winter.  This causes ice to build up on the gutter and back up into houses.

Through a combined process of ventilation and 2 three foot layers (for a total of 6 feet) of rubberized ice and water membranes, we are able to reduce problems from ice dams to protect your home.

Protecting Your Home

In many cases, we tarp off your home from the gutters on down during tear off of your old roof.  This is to protect your windows and siding from damage that could be caused by debris falling from your old shingles falling off of your roof.  After we are done, we will use a magnetic nail finder to locate as many nails from your old roof as possible.  We've torn off roofs that have as many as 20,000 nails in them!  We include cleanup and haul away of all of job-related debris with every project.

One Day Install for Most Roofs

We are able to install most roofs in just one day from start to finish.  Everyone has seen roofing projects in their neighborhood that have dragged on for weeks or even months.  At Energy Masters we take pride in minimizing any impact or inconvenience.


The Energy Masters System

Roofing is one of the most important investments you can make.  It pays to do it right the first time.

Full evaluation and analysis of your roofing needs including an aerial survey to assure proper measurements (no ballpark estimates that result in higher charges after work has already started).

Total tear-off followed by deck assessment to assure we have a proper surface on which to build, and replacement of rotten wood.

Starter strips with adhesive that helps prevent winds of up to 130 MPH tearing off your shingles.

2 layers (6 feet) of ice/water rubberized barrier to prevent ice damming. The same rubberized barrier is also used in all valleys of your roof (where two pieces of roof come together) to reduce the chance for leak through in high water volume areas of your roof.

Durable synthetic deck protection systems. We never use only felt paper because quality underlayments can mean the difference between a roof that will last 10 years or a roof that can last 50 years.

Architectural shingles — your choice of a good, a better, or a best shingle. Metal roof options are also available.

Venting: We offer both active ventilation and passive ventilation. After assessing your home, we recommend the best type of ventilation that will work for your roof. This could be a ridge vent, slant back vents, pod vents, or active ventilation like a solar vent or turbine vent.

Emily and Michael – New Berlin, WI

We’re very happy with our gutters. We’re very happy with our roof and — we’re very happy with Jim’s whirligig dance. Ask him about it.

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Terry & Amy – Milwaukee, WI

Energy Masters replaced our roof, all windows and our front entry door. We are very pleased with their professionalism and products. We are definitely going to contact them for any other projects we have come up.

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Brett – Greendale, WI

Awesome work on everything. Very polite employees. Excellent work! Recommendation for roofing color spot-on. Windows in basement give excellent light and security to the house. Attention to detail was fantastic! Communication, service, workmanship was superb!

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John and Rebecca – Bay View, WI

Very professional. Extremely clean about how they worked, which I greatly appreciated. We would definitely hire them again for all our future roofing/siding needs.

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What to expect during our visit

We set aside a full hour for all of our visits just in case your roof has some special challenges as well as to answer any questions that you have.  After we assess your roof, we’ll make our recommendations.  Sometimes our assessment tells you that you don’t yet have to do a roof if there are still a few years left on it.  If that’s the case, we’ll tell you.

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