Roof Repair Scam Alert

This week I got a call from a customer in New Berlin who had a leak.  Earlier in the week another company had come over and told them they could fix the leak for $1600.  They then proceeded to replace cap shingles on parts of the roof that weren’t even close to the leak.

Roof repair bait and switch scam

When the rains came, of course the water came in and drenched their ceiling.  They called the roofing company back and they said that if they wanted to buy a new roof from them that they would credit them the $1600.

Feeling like they’d just been scammed, they reached out to their friends on social media and one of them recommended they call us.  We went out and inspected the roof.  We discovered excessive wear marks on the roof including many shingles that were cracked and worn out.  These were obvious problems that any decent roofing company would have discovered.

Not all roofs are candidates for repair

This was a case where the company told the customer what they wanted to hear.  As roofs go, $1600 isn’t a lot of money and the roof was only 12 years old.  The customer had hoped to get many more years out of their roof for an inexpensive fix.

Upon inspection, there was excessive wear patterns on this roof.  Many areas were missing granules and there were also cracked shingles on other parts of the roof.  In short, the roof had come to the end of its useful life.

The customer now knows they need a full roof replacement.  But if they don’t go with the same company that charged them to repair part of their roof that wasn’t even damaged, they’ll lose their $1600.

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