Consider Roofing Cost Both Upfront and Long Term

Considering buying a roof?  There’s a whole lot more than the upfront price that you ought to be looking at.   Homeowners who are doing their due diligence weigh the long term as well as the short term costs of a roof.

Consider these facts:

  • Dark colored roofs will not last as long as light colored roofs.  If you’re absolutely fixated on getting a dark roof, making sure you have a well ventilated roof by a ventilation certified contractor will be key to it lasting as long as it can.
  • Dark colored roofs will absorb heat, driving up your cooling bills in the summer.
  • Light colored roofs don’t cost anymore than dark colored roofs with the exception of some of the white roofs.  Even the added cost of a white roof is very modest and is unlikely to cost anymore than $300 — an investment that will easily pay for itself over a short period of time.


Jim McGuigan is a ventilation certified contractor and the owner of Energy Masters, a roofing and home remodeling company in Wisconsin.

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