Roofs Sloped Into Walls = Bad Architecture

Roofs that have a slope toward a wall create problems regularly.  When the rains come, we get the calls.  Why, the homeowner wonders, am I getting water in my home.

In the lower right hand corner you will notice that the valley runs right into an area of wall. Here’s where the customers leak point is.

More often than not, the blame goes to the architect.  Architecture or even the architectural drawings can be eye appealing and even stunning.  When those beautiful turrets or dormers actually get built, they often create problems.

There are work-arounds such as putting an impermeable rubber barrier where the wall meets the roof, but that is only a temporary fix.  Eventually the roof will fail.  Eventually water will come in.

If you’re considering building a home, make sure the water sweeps toward the outside.  Even a well-meaning architect can get it wrong once in a while.  You don’t want to have to pay for his or her mistake.

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