Seamless Gutters

Gutter installation by Energy Masters

We install seamless heavy-gauge aluminum gutters and downspouts with hem mitered corners, premium sealants & screwed in hangers.

Outside corners can be leak points. We craft custom mitered, no-leak corners.

We assess the slope of your property, then we pitch your gutters toward the best place to drain the water away.
Gutters are one of those home improvements that can protect your home or, if not done right, can cause damage. If we can't fix your problem, we won't take the job.

If you're interested in Gutter Protection, we can add effective gutter protection either when your gutters are installed, or afterwards.

Design, engineering and water management are three of the ways Energy Masters is different from our competitors.

With years of flood water management experience behind him before he even started his company, Jim has saved homeowners thousands of dollars in costly basement repairs.

Our experience fixing water problems

Jim, the owner of Energy Masters, has worked on flood mitigation projects and has helped thousands of customers with their gutter and water management needs. Sometimes the problems can't be fixed by gutters alone and in those cases, we'll tell you.  Jim specializes in solving problems other companies don't have the background to understand.

Gutter corners by Energy Masters

The Energy Masters System

All gutters and downspouts are not the same and installation procedures can be dramatically different.  Our customers vary from people who are in need of replacing their 50 year old gutters to people who hired a jack of all trades and masters of none.  In a few cases we’ve torn off and replaced gutters that have been on a house less than a month.

Site Assessment and flow analysis (no cookie-cutter approaches)

Seamless .032 gauge aluminum gutters(the thickest available)

Hem mitered corners (not “hand”, “box” or “strip” mitered)

Diverters, also known as “splash guards” in valleys

Screwed in hangers ever 24 inches or less (versus staples, spikes or nails)

Oversized downspouts

Premium sealants (no acrylic or silicone caulks which leak)

Redesign of your gutter flow to accommodate different landscape slopes

Many colors to choose from. Industrial sized (6 or 8 inch) gutters are also available upon request.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

After we assess your property, we’ll make our recommendations.  Sometimes those recommendations are to do nothing.  If that’s the case, we’ll tell you.

Inside gutter corners by Energy Masters

Inside corners can rot wood and splash-overs from valleys can occur. Energy Masters installs custom-bent diverters (also called splash guards) to stop overflows.

What to expect during your appointment

We specialize in finding solutions and as such, we will walk around your house with you and make suggestions to help move water away from your home to keep problems from happening. As part of this redesign, homeowners have an opportunity to ask questions and share their needs, wants and concerns. We'll show you some innovative approaches we've used to solve problems.

All gutters are not the same. Do it Once. Do it Right.

You can save money by doing you gutters right the first time. The most expensive gutters you could put on your home are the gutters that you'll have to replace a second time because they weren't installed correctly. We've replaced gutters that other companies have installed less than two weeks before us. If you have already purchased gutters, one sure fire way to know that you've followed the wrong course is if you see a gutter wholesale truck come to your home and roll out your gutters and then drive away only to have a subcontracted handyman install your gutters.

Understanding downspouts

Corrugated aluminum downspouts come in three gauges. Many salesmen will simply tell you that their corrugated downspout comes in .032 gauge. Be careful. Many of these guys have never installed in their life and wouldn't know the difference between a gutter and a downspout. Downspouts come in .016 gauge, .019 gauge and .024 gauge. At Energy Masters we never sacrifice quality and only use the .024 gauge (the thickest).

Gutter protection by Energy Masters

Gutter protection

There are many types of gutter protection on the market today. Not all gutter protection is suitable for all roofs or all climates. We will assess your roof and give you options that will work best for your slope and roof type.

Typically we do not recommend solid metal gutter protection since water simply freezes on top of it here in Wisconsin and despite all of the fancy marketing, water from melting snow just cascades over the ice that forms on metal gutter protection.

We are authorized to sell and install nearly every type of gutter protection you choose.

If you are considering replacing your gutters or gutter protection, we encourage you to do your homework BEFORE you have a gutter professional come to your home. To get you started we created several articles about gutters that will help you make an informed choice. Click here to check them out on our blog.

Half-round gutters

We also feature half round gutters for homes that have historical requirements.

Troy and Renee – Milwaukee, WI

Jim’s friendly personality was an added bonus to the excellent quality of workmanship that was provided by the Energy Masters crew. Everything about the entire process was extremely professional and timely. The gutters were installed within days of our initial meeting, which impressed us tremendously! We will definitely not only use Energy Masters in the…

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Rich and Karen – Milwaukee, WI

We were very happy we called Energy Masters. Our experience with Jim was just great! Installation was quick and very professional. Everything was cleaned up thoroughly.

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Michael and Lindsay – Franklin, WI

Jim and his crew did an outstanding job on our new gutters. Their attention to detail was second to none, and we are extremely pleased with the work.

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Emily and Michael – New Berlin, WI

We’re very happy with our gutters. We’re very happy with our roof and — we’re very happy with Jim’s whirligig dance. Ask him about it.

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Gordon and Susan

We are delighted with the outstanding workmanship and the wonderful look of our new gutters. We are especially pleased with the deflectors on both long valleys of our roof. What a difference!

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Richard & Connie – Greendale, WI

We are very impressed with how quickly the job was done from the time we ordered our gutters, fascia and soffits. The custom color is perfect. It all looks fantastic. We didn’t think we had enough vents in our soffits before. The installer made sure we had additional venting every 10 feet. The future crew…

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Some companies try to shortcut the details of how they’re going to do your gutters by telling you a “per foot” price.  This misleads customers into thinking that a linear foot counts as a gutter foot.  Be wary of companies that offer the “by the foot” pricing. Here’s why: Marketing hype sometimes sucks people into…

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Understanding Ice Damming

In late winter I get many calls from people asking me if I could put new gutters on their houses to solve their ice damming problems.  I have to be honest with them and explain that ice damming is a product of ventilation and insulation gutters won’t fix their ice damming problems.  It may not be good for business,…