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Do You Need a New Roof?

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments anyone can make! With that said, the roof is a critical component of any house. Are you wondering if you're due for a new roof? In our experience, this can be a tough decision to make. Here are a few signs that you need either roof repairs or roof replacement with the help of one of the best roofing companies Mequon, WI has to offer:

  • Leaks: Storm damage or worn-out materials can be the culprits of leaks. If your roof is leaking water into your home, it needs to be addressed immediately; if it isn't, the leak can worsen and cause additional damage to your home!
  • Interior spots: Interior water damage can indicate that your roof isn't doing its job. If there are water spots on your ceiling or walls, you need professional assistance to determine what is wrong with your roof.
  • Damaged shingles: Over time and due to weather conditions, shingles can curl, crack, loosen, or become discolored. Shingles can also grow moss, mold, algae, and fungi. If you notice that your shingles look different and/or damaged, it's best to get them inspected as soon as you can.
  • Granules: When shingles are reaching the end of their life, they may shed granules, which can clog up your gutters. If you think your gutters aren't operating optimally, it may be time to get your roof inspected for shingle deterioration.
  • Storm damage: Extensive storm damage can mean a number of things. Hail, wind, and heavy rain can cause significant damage to your roof, especially if it's reaching the end of its life. Be sure to get your roof inspected after a heavy storm to ensure leaks and other issues don't damage your home!

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If you're having issues with your home's exterior, we can help. Out of all the roofing companies in Mequon, WI, turn to Energy Masters. We offer professional and experience services that won't let you down. Connect with our team today to learn more about how we can assist you! You can call us at (414) 350-8998 or fill out our online Request a Free Estimate form to get started. Be sure to ask us about the multiple financing options we have available to help with big installations and other projects! You'll soon see why we're one of the roofing companies Mequon, WI can't go without.

Our Services Include:

  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Seamless gutter installation and repair
  • Triple- and double-pane window installation
  • Siding replacement and installation
  • Soffit and fascia services

Laverne W. – Milwaukee, WI

The work on my garage was completed within five days and looks great. The workmen were efficient and helpful and did a good job.

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John and Rebecca – Bay View, WI

Very professional. Extremely clean about how they worked, which I greatly appreciated. We would definitely hire them again for all our future roofing/siding needs.

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