Top 10 Questions about Roofing

How long does a roof install take?
We do most roof installs in just one day.
What is a roof inspection.
We assess the condition of the current roof including shingles, flashings and perforations. By inspecting what we can see, we get a good sense for those things we cannot see such as ice and water membrane, nail count per shingle and quality of the underlayments.
What causes roof wear and tear?
Extreme temperatures such as heat as well as freeze and thaw cycles break down roofs.
What size hail damages roofs?
Typically 1 inch hail damages roofs so the pea sized hail that is common in Wisconsin is usually insufficient, but we have had golf ball sized hail that has destroyed roofs in entire cities.
How can you find a roof leak?
We use several tools and techniques including professional-quality moisture meters and scopes in addition to an on-roof inspection. We first need to see what damage has happened to the inside of the house to help us figure out where the water is coming in from the outside.
Is the old roof removed before the new roof is installed?
Yes. With today’s modern shingles, that’s the only way to go if you’re looking for a durable roof. Modern shingles are heavier and have a double laminated section which makes todays shingles last longer.
What is roofing underlayment?
Roofing underlayments are what goes on under the shingles. A rubberized membrane called an ice and water membrane is used in high risk areas and 6 feet of it is used in areas from the gutters edge on up.  Above that, we use a synthetic underlayment similar to a tarp type material.
What type of roof is best?

For Wisconsin, asphalt roofs are the best value. Metal, while durable, creates problems with cell phone reception and can rust over time. Some emerging technologies such as rubber shingles offer promise but can be cost prohibitive and have not been on the market long enough to have a track record.
What color roof should I get?
Lighter colored roofs do not absorb heat as much as dark roofs and therefore last longer as well as extending the life of your air conditioners because they don’t have to work as hard to keep your house cool in the summer months. Power fans or wind powered vents are smart choices whatever the color but more especially dark colored roofs.
Does algae staining damage roofs?
No, but most modern shingles have algae resistant copper sulfate as part of the granules of a shingles. Eventually, all roofs will have some algae staining, but it is just less noticeable if you limit yourself to having a roof that is a shade of algae.
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