What Motivates us to do what we do

Yes, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve won the awards we have.  Yes, we’re happy our customers select us with confidence knowing they’re going to get a good product.  And yes, we do some pretty cool things.  But that’s not what motivates us to do what we do.

Helping people is what motivates us.

Hazel walks into the back yard with Energy Masters owner, Jim who needed to inspect the back of her parents new roof. Hazel’s mom snapped this photo.

At the end of the day, the part that makes our job the best is the people.  We’ve had customers invite our workers in for hot chocolate on a chilly day.  They’ve played guitar and sung to us.  They’ve surprised us with a stack of pizzas that, after a hard day of work, were the best slices we’ve ever had.  Coolers with ice cold water have sprung up by concerned customers who care about the guys working on their homes.

These things don’t get forgotten.

We’ve had children happy to be around us, and homeowners smiling when they see a job well done.  It’s rewarding when a customer smiles as the project is nearing completion.  As they stand in front of their houses we can see the pride on their faces.  They now know that they have the nicest house on the block.

Those are the jobs that stick out in our minds.  A sense of caring, communal respect and genuine concern for those who work hard to make sure their homes are just better places to live.

Today I was accompanied by a little girl.  Hazel took my hand as we walked into her back yard so I could inspect the back of her parents roof.  Her mom snapped a picture of me walking with Hazel to the back yard.  Hazel told me about how cool her doll stroller and the swing set were. She was very convincing.  During a long day, a short afternoon break spent with a whimsical child served served as a reminder as to what motivates us to work long days — helping good people.

And that’s what it’s really all about — people, doing kind things for one another, and doing the right thing.

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