What Kind of Variables Affect Price of a Glass Block Window?

The first thing you should know is that there is no such thing as an honest “ballpark” estimate.

There’s no easy answer but here’s a few things that might help you.  Here’s what an installation company is looking for:

Identify the location the block will be put in.

  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Identify the purpose of the block.
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Low maintenance
  • High Water Protection
  • Other
  1. Will this be for an installation above grade or below grade?
  2. Above grade windows means they won’t be touching any of the block or cement walls that are common to basements.  Above grade means that even the bottom of the window sits in a wooden “buck” frame that either stays in or goes out, depending on the requirements of the job.  The best way to do a glass block installation is to remove the buck frame.
  3. If above grade, is it a second story?
  4. Additional ladders and/or scaffolding may be required.
  5. How far above the ground is the bottom of the window?
  6. Is the bottom of the window going to sit on cement or is there a wood sill?  This will determine if it is going to require an above grade install including flexible caulk, or will it be a masonry install on the bottom?
  7. How far above the ground is the top of the window?
  8. What kind of window is in there now?
  9. Is it in an existing buck frame?
  10. Are there stops around the windows?
  11. Is there window casing around the window?
  12. What is the existing window made out of?
  13. Is there any sill or buck frame damage that must be repaired for above ground installs?
  14. Will a new window provide additional light if it is still in the buck frame?
  15. Must the window pattern and tint match other windows that are installed in the same location?
  16. If so, are they in the same room?
  17. Assess the framing inside and out.  Is it made out of wood, metal or another material?
  18. If either the window, or the framing is metal, is it attached to the cement and if so, how is it attached?
  19. Is there any sort of metal around the window sill?
  20. Once installed, will a glass block window meet your needs and outcomes?
  21. What size is your existing window opening?
  22. Were those measurements taken from the inside of a buck frame, were they out to a masonry surface, or were they taken out to the rough (2’x4′) opening?
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